The ASSA ABLOY story

Our past

On the cusp of the second industrial revolution, in the middle of the 19th century, a young locksmith and master craftsman, Frans August Stenman, borrowed the money to begin building his dream. He constructed a factory in the Swedish town of Eskilstuna on the banks of Lake Mälaren, and together with his sons manufactured award-winning locks that gained international recognition. The family became trailblazers of the industrial age—pioneering the use of automation, employing women and creating a better workplace for employees. Generations of craftsmen worked side-by-side in the factory, where fathers passed down skills to their sons, creating prosperity for the local area. The company, which was later named ASSA, thrived because it had a reputation for quality.

Forty years later, on the other side of the Baltic Sea, a young Finnish precision mechanic, Emil Henriksson, invented the revolutionary disc tumbler lock. It took him three years and many prototypes to create a burglar-proof lock—still said to be Finland's greatest invention. The company he founded in 1919 to produce and sell his ground-breaking lock was named ABLOY. It became one of Finland's most trusted brands.

Stenman and Henriksson are just two of the visionaries who helped to build the company that is ASSA ABLOY. Over the years we have been joined by two hundred companies whose founders shared the same pioneering spirit and vision. People like Bertil Samuelsson and Tor Sørnes who wanted to solve the access and security problems they saw people experience in industries like health care and hospitality. Their story is our story. Together we have built the trusted global brand that ASSA ABLOY is today—making life easier, safer and more secure for our customers and the people they serve.



Our present

Since its formation in 1994, ASSA ABLOY has grown from a regional company into an international group with around 47,000 employees, sales of about SEK 76 billion and operations in over 70 countries. We have evolved as a business, but our vision remains the same as the one that drove our founders—to continually strive to empower and bring peace of mind to people in homes, businesses and institutions around the world, by helping them to safely and securely access their environments.

We still share the pioneering spirit of those innovators and proud craftsmen, who founded our company—seeking ways to develop innovative products and services that help people to access, secure and protect the people places and things that matter to them. That’s what we strive to do to this day.

ASSA ABLOY is a leading technology company—the largest global supplier of intelligent locks, door opening and physical and digital security solutions. We are represented in both mature and emerging markets worldwide, with leading positions in much of Europe, North and South America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Our products account for more than one in ten of all lock and security installations worldwide. If you've walked through an automatic door, stayed in a hotel or authenticated your online identity, then you've probably used our products or services.

Every day billions of people in more than a hundred countries around the world use our products and services to access physical and digital places securely. Over two billion things that need to be identified, verified and tracked are connected through our expertise and technology.

We enable people to transact safely, work productively, learn confidently and travel freely. Governments, universities, hospitals, financial institutions and some of the most innovative companies on the planet safely and conveniently gain access to their environments thanks to our innovative technology.


Our future

A lot has changed since our visionary founders first began to design and create disruptive technology that would help more people to feel safe and secure as they went about their daily lives. Globalization, technological advances and the digital revolution have forever changed how we move through the world. But one thing hasn't changed, and that's our commitment to ensuring we evolve with the needs of our partners, customers and the people they serve.