Abloy's new swing door operator really is the strong silent type

A highly innovative electro-mechanical swing door operator with a built-in door closer that closes the door silently is the latest new product from leading security and access control company, Abloy UK.

The Abloy DA461 draws upon the strengths of the ABLOY door operator range and has a new clutch design and more fixings for quicker and easier installation. It now also works with ‘swing control’, allowing more comprehensive and detailed programming of factors such as opening force and opening speeds, to suit exact site requirements.  


The DA461 will automatically disengage its clutch if the door is pushed during its opening cycle, allowing the door to open more easily and also increasing the life cycle of the operator.

Ideally suited to fire doors, the DA461 comes in a compact narrow design with low resistance to manual opening and seal force elimination function via a motorized closing pull. It also includes a programmable ‘push & go’ function as standard, and is suitable for any door weighing up to 125kg.

Tabitha Morton, Commercial Director of Abloy UK, commented: “The development of the DA461 is a logical response to the changing demands of customers, in particular in applications involving fire doors, where quiet, mechanical closing is now widely expected.   “The versatility of the DA461 means that it’s suitable for more than just fire doors, though – it is ideal for both internal and external doors on all types of public buildings from residential and offices to retail, warehousing, airports and railway stations.”  

For more information call 01923 255066 or visit www.abloy.co.uk.