Changes to Chubb Locks brand announced at Locksmiths’ exhibition

Important changes to the future of the Chubb locks brand will be announced by ASSA ABLOY on the special ‘Chubb-at-Heart’ stand at this year’s MLA show (September 25-27 2009, Telford International Centre, UK).

The company will give early warning to locksmiths that the Chubb brand will be replaced with other leading ASSA ABLOY brands on most locks and secondary security products by August 2010. The locks will continue to be manufactured and readily available, and only the name will change.

ASSA ABLOY stresses that the products will use the same technology, the same parts and will be manufactured by the same people in the same factories, to the same quality. The only difference will be the name, which is why the locks will continue to be ‘Chubb at Heart’.

The exception will be the range of specialist detention locks sold by Chubb Locks Custodial Services Ltd, mainly to prisons, the police and other high security operations, which will continue to use the Chubb brand.

The news comes following the end of negotiations over licensing agreements between ASSA ABLOY and UTC, the American multinational that owns the Chubb brand.

UTC is well known for its fire safety and manned guarding business, which also uses the Chubb brand, and took the strategic decision not to renew the agreement with ASSA ABLOY.

ASSA ABLOY manufactures and sells locks branded as Chubb under two UTC licenses. The first started in 2000 and was for 10 years, expiring in 2010. This covers the majority of Chubb branded products sold by ASSA ABLOY. The second licence is for specific custodial products and will not expire until 2100.

The agreements also stop any other company manufacturing or selling locks under the Chubb brand. In addition, a number of patents and trademarks, including the bow design and product codes, are owned by ASSA ABLOY, so no competitor will be able to market a Chubb ‘look a like’ and pass it off.

The company is planning a full communications campaign to make sure all customers are kept fully up to date with progress on the transition from the Chubb brand. There is a special website at which will have the latest news.

Announcing the development, ASSA ABLOY’s Business Development Director Paul Browne, said:

“We know the Chubb name has a long tradition and loyal customer following so in an ideal world, we would have continued with the brand, but we also understand UTC’s decision. The two organisations have an amicable relationship and both want a smooth transition.

“At the same time, we are very excited at the prospect of continuing to offer locksmiths the best of Chubb quality and heritage under the equally powerful and important brand names we have in ASSA ABLOY.

“We are still finalising the details of which Chubb products will transition to which brands but expect to announce this shortly, ready to roll out in early to mid 2010, so there is no rush or confusion for customers.

“This is a great opportunity to give our ranges and brands greater clarity and to back them with an extensive range of promotional and support services for locksmiths, especially those working with the Chubb Super Centre concept.

“In summary, although we recognise this will be a surprise for customers, the reality is that nothing will really change other than the name.”

Paul added: “There is no time limit on the sale of the Chubb branded locks by our customers and there is no need for them to remove Chubb signs or point of sale, although we will be developing attractive new materials as Chubb products migrate to their new brands.

“We will keep all customers fully informed of progress and in the meantime, there is absolutely no need for locksmiths to do anything different. They can continue to buy Chubb products and be confident we will continue to support them long past August 2010 and into the future, honouring all warranties.”