Chubb locks brand to change in 2010

One of the best known names in residential and commercial property security will go through major changes in 2010 when the Chubb brand name will be replaced by either the UNION or Yale brand on the majority of locking products.

The only exception will be a range of specialist detention locks used by prisons and other high security installations, where the Chubb branded locks will continue to be available through Chubb Locks Custodial Services Ltd.

The change of brand from Chubb affects a wide range of domestic and commercial mortice locks, padlocks and additional security products, such as window locks.  It follows the decision by Chubb brand owner, UTC, not to renew the licence to manufacture locks currently held by ASSA ABLOY, the global leader in door opening solutions.

As a result, ASSA ABLOY has developed a transition plan where the products will now migrate to other famous brands in the company’s portfolio. Due to the terms of the licence and a number of patents and rights held by ASSA ABLOY no other company will be able to use the Chubb brand on locks.

As ASSA ABLOY Director, Paul Browne, explained:

“We are sad to lose the Chubb brand but the reality is that nothing will change other than the name. 

The same products will be made by the same people, using the same technology in the same factories but, from mid 2010, mortice locks and padlocks will carry the UNION name and additional security, such as window locks, will carry the Yale brand.”

“Wherever possible we are retaining exactly the same part numbers and so householders, locksmiths and installers will still be able to order replacements for existing Chubb products. We will also be providing service and support for existing Chubb locks for many years to come.”

“However we recognise that the word “Chubb” is widely used by insurers almost as a generic term, when explaining lock security to homeowners and other property occupiers. In addition, there are many examples of advice booklets recommending  “you fit a Chubb lock or similar”.

“There may even be isolated cases where the Chubb name is referred to in specifications or policy documents, although most documents now refer to the relevant British Standards and other security ratings rather than specific brands.”

“Therefore, we wanted to make insurance providers aware of the changes well in advance and to suggest the following two step plan.”

“First, they can reassure any policy holder who may be concerned when they try to replace a Chubb Lock in late 2010 and are told they are no longer available.  This may cause some people to assume their policies are invalid. Enabling insurance providers to simply inform any such callers that the same locks are now available from UNION or Yale instead and that these products are exactly the same, it will calm any concerns.”

“Second, we would suggest underwriters and brokers review their guidance and advice documents to check whether they refer to the Chubb brand and, unless it refers solely to detention products, then the name should be changed to refer to UNION or Yale in future publications. A table which cross references existing Chubb product codes with their UNION or Yale equivalent can be found at”

“UNION has a long standing tradition and reputation as a ‘Best of British’ brand worldwide. With its technical and trade strengths it was the natural home for the Chubb mortice locks. It then made sense to extend the UNION range further by adding the Chubb rim lock and padlocks.

“Yale is by far the world’s most famous lock ‘consumer’ brand, with over 98% brand recognition and an association with trust, reliability and value.”

“Finally, ASSA ABLOY’s technical experts will be delighted to work with any underwriter to develop specifications and guidance to ensure the most appropriate level of lock security for all types of residential and commercial property. We have the broadest range of lock technologies in our group, from standard mechanical locks to the most advanced TCP/IP connected digital access systems, so we can help to ensure that specifications are accurate and relevant.”

ASSA ABLOY has a special website,, which has all the latest news and information for customers. If you go to you will find a table which cross references existing Chubb product codes with their UNION or Yale equivalent.