Don’t give thieves a window of opportunity

If like many people, you assume locking your windows isn’t necessary because the glass can be easily broken – think again. Many burglars will avoid smashing windows as the noise attracts attention and there’s a risk of DNA identification, if they cut themselves. Plus, thieves will know that substandard window locks can be easily forced open. So, the security experts at Yale have produced some handy hints on fitting the correct window locks that really could help protect your home.

 1. Upstairs, Downstairs – Yale recommends that all windows on every floor of your home be fitted with at least one appropriate lock. You may think that a window is too high or inaccessible but burglars can be very resourceful, if they see an opportunity.

2. Wooden Casement Windows – window security is often overlooked and people are usually unaware of the correct security products to use. A lot of homes in the UK have windows that incorporate an outward opening hinged pane and Yale recommends fitting a window lock on the frame opposite the hinges. If the window is more than 3ft in height or width, then ideally two window locks should be fitted to the top and bottom. The Yale P113 Window Toggle Lock or P118 Automatic Window Lock are easily installed and ideal for wooden casement windows.

3. Wooden Sash and Sliding Windows – typically comprising two frames that slide vertically or horizontally over one another to open, these windows are common in older or restored properties. For the correct level of security, window bolts such as the P123 Pressbolt or P119 Window Bolt from Yale should be fitted to the frames to prevent them from passing each other.

4. Aluminium Patio Doors – sliding patio doors usually have a lock within the handle but it is important that locks are also fitted to top and bottom of the moving door, to provide additional security.  Yale’s P114 Patio Door Lock is suitable for most sliding patio doors and its push to lock action means a key is only required to unlock.

5. Be Alarmed – in addition to locking your windows, it is also worth installing a window contact as part of your home’s alarm system. The alarm is activated if the window seal is broken, alerting you, your neighbours or passers-by to intruders. Yale offers a range of alarm systems and accessories that offer additional security for your home.

Yale supplies a wide range of locks, bolts and alarms for all types of windows. All products are available from DIY stores, builders’ merchants, hardware stores and locksmiths.  Alternatively, you can buy online at

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