Security in the SME workplace

In the current economic climate, an SME (small to medium enterprise) has to fight to be successful and the diverse constraints on its business can prove hard to survive. Day to day issues often take precedence over matters such as building security which is rarely front of mind, except when it is breached.

However, the prevalence of identity fraud and theft today means it is vital to ensure the protection of a building from both unwanted visitors and trespassing members of staff.  Leading security solutions provider, Abloy UK has launched Smartair, an access control system perfect for budget and security conscious SMEs.

With SMEs employing up to 250 staff – often all working within one building – it may be necessary to allow certain workers specific entry rights to areas other workers can not access.  This is potentially a logistical nightmare for an office or facilities manager who is tasked with ensuring the site’s security and the confidentiality of information.  However, Abloy’s offline access control system, Smartair, is a great solution for a cost-effective, easy to use security facility which allows SMEs to maintain a high level of protection without lots of complicated codes and restricted areas.

The system is suitable for use on just one door or a complete suite of internal and external doors.  It uses the latest contactless technology and is a scalable, computer-managed system.  Each door has its own battery power source and built-in reader which identifies the user’s card and opens the lock – if they have been granted access.

An average SME may have offices belonging to the Managing Director, Financial Director and HR Director, each containing highly confidential documentation and information which could prove invaluable to a fraudster.  It is therefore vital that only eligible members of staff can gain entry to these rooms while other employees are prevented from access which, a Smartair system can ensure takes place.  However, it is also vital that all members of staff within these offices can escape quickly in case of emergency so Smartair does not affect egress routes.

As Smartair monitors door usage through a powerful audit trail facility, it is also easy for SMEs to track down any workers who have accessed sites where information or property may have gone missing.  This offers both a deterrent to crime and a means of detection within a company.

The roles of office and facilities managers in SMEs are filled with many responsibilities and time is often of the essence which is why Smartair’s time-saving benefits are perfect for busy staff.  The quick and efficient facility to update a door’s access rights by just using the special card updaters (available in the Smartair Update on Card version), means minimal time is spent on updating the security system onsite so other key tasks can be focussed on.

In summary, SMEs can no longer sit back and neglect their security systems and it is vital that they choose both a cost-effective and fully updatable facility like Smartair, which can cope with the ever-changing demands on their businesses and use of their buildings.

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