Stay secure on the water

With more Brits choosing to holiday at home to save money and help the environment, canal barge holidays are becoming increasingly popular. But when it comes to security, it’s important to treat your ‘floating home’ as you would your own house. That’s why the experts at Yale have come up with some top tips to keep you and your possessions safe on the water.

1. Be alarmed! – Many people invest in home security alarms, but it is just as worthwhile alarming your barge while on holiday. By using portable standalone alarms you can protect your barge and belongings, and deter thieves. Standalone alarms can be placed anywhere on board, the new range from Yale includes a door contact alarm and a PIR motion sensor alarm, which both come with in-built sirens. Additional sirens and an optional remote keyfob are also available.

2. Keep it locked – Before you head out on your barge, you should always check that there are adequate storage areas for keeping your belongings safe and out of view from passers-by.

For added peace of mind, why not invest in your own padlock for securing smaller storage compartments or your luggage whilst on board. Yale offers a range of marine padlocks designed to withstand all weather conditions, as well as a range of travel padlocks, for use on bags and cases that come with an easy-to-use three digit combination lock. 

3. Keep it safe – Barges are an attractive proposition to thieves, who could steal anything from onboard equipment to personal valuables. Using a lightweight travel safe can help to protect items, such as passports, jewellery and currency, whilst on board and away from the barge.

Yale offers a slim line Travel Safe, which can be securely fastened to any immoveable object, whether it’s the barge’s wardrobe rail or a restaurant table.

4. Be a good neighbour – One of the many reasons people take to barge holidays is the sense of community amongst fellow boaters. So, put this to good use and keep an eye on other barges as well as your own and report any strangers or unusual activity around the mooring stations.

5. Key advice – It may seem obvious but remember to always take your keys with you and never leave them in the ignition, even if the rest of the barge is secured. Plus, it is also recommended that you keep your barge keys separate from your engine keys.

All of the Yale security products recommended are available in many large retailers and hardware stores, or through your local locksmith. Visit for further information.