UNION padlocks prove their mettle in extreme weather

The new range of high security padlocks from UNION Architectural Hardware has proven itself as a truly outdoor security asset. Padlocks from across the entire range, already approved as gold, silver or bronze standard by Sold Secure endured 12 months’ testing at a farm 1,400ft up in the moorlands of the Peak District.

The padlocks, with double-ball locking and a 10-year guarantee, are tried and tested to BS EN12320:2001 and accredited by Sold Secure. With 240 hours’ salt spray testing, each padlock has a proven pedigree in extreme environments.  Mirror chrome plating helps the padlocks resist corrosion and maintain their functionality and high levels of security.

The Peak District was chosen as a testing site for the padlocks because of its exposure to the harsh weather conditions.  This, combined with the wind and months of cold weather, helped to provide an ideal environment for testing products in extreme conditions.

The padlocks were attached to fencing, leaving them open to the elements.  Unlocked and locked on a regular basis, the padlocks, constructed of brass and hardened steel continued to function as normal despite a year-round onslaught of wind, rain, hail, sleet and snow.

Kirsi Solehmainen, Product Manager for Cylinders and Padlocks at UNION Architectural Hardware, commented: “We’ve learned a lot about our high security padlock range during these tests.  A year is a long time for any product to be exposed to such extreme elements.  We have tested the full range with salt spray and ensured they are manufactured to the highest standards but often real-life scenarios can provide an equally reliable measure of how well a product will fare.  Now we know that our customers can specify these padlocks in all kinds of places and be confident that, whatever the weather, they’ll remain simple to operate and extremely resistant to attack.

“All the locks have interchangeable cylinders with UNION 5-Pin, 6-Pin, and DTEC platforms to choose from.  Each padlock can be supplied fully assembled or sub-assembled specifically for locksmiths and the option of mixing and matching padlock bodies with different cylinders gives greater choice, flexibility and value for money.  They’re ideal for perimeter security, outbuildings, warehouses, workshops and for securing portable industrial equipment.”

For further information on the full range of high security padlocks from UNION Architectural Hardware, visit www.uniononline.co.uk  or call UNION customer services on 0845 22 32 124.