Unlock the hassle of travel to the US

If you’re heading to the US this year, then tighter airline security procedures mean your luggage is more likely to be opened and examined by airport officials but this can often cause damage to your bags, if locks and zips are forced open.

That’s why the security experts at Yale have introduced an affordable range of TSA Luggage Locks® (Transportation Security Administration) with a special security feature that allows US security personnel to open and re-lock your luggage without damaging your padlock or bag.

The Yale TSA Travel Range offers a choice of five easy-to-reset, 3-dial combination padlocks for use on luggage of all shapes and sizes.

Ideal for locking together multiple zips on suitcases, the cable lock has a soft vinyl coated shackle that won’t damage luggage or zips.

For smaller bags, the clip-on lock is easily opened and closed, and is supplied in a durable soft touch coating in a choice of three bright colours that can help you to quickly identify your luggage.

A standard combination padlock is also available, featuring a red inspection indicator, which rises when the lock has been opened for added peace of mind

Security officials in many countries require all checked-in luggage to be marked with the owner’s contact information and the TSA range also includes an ID-tag cable lock, complete with identity tag and sliding cover, where you can complete your home address details. The soft shackle also allows you to safely lock together multiple zips.

For quick and easy case identification, you can also choose a strap lock, which features an extendable strap and red inspection indicator.

Recommended retail prices for Yale TSA luggage locks range from just £7.99 for a combination padlock to £11.99 for a luggage strap.

For further information, visit www.yale.co.uk.