Yale launches “Chubb at Heart” additional security range

Yale, the world’s most famous lock brand, is launching an expanded range of additional security products, incorporating a comprehensive selection of Chubb technology products, from early in 2010.

The move is the latest stage in the plan to migrate Chubb products to either the Yale or UNION brands, ahead of the discontinuation of the licence to use the Chubb name on any lock product, other than a limited range of specialist custodial locks, from August 2010.

A range of 54 Chubb additional security products will now be available under the Yale brand and, crucially, will keep exactly the same part numbers. This means there is no disruption and minimal confusion for Chubb customers.

The range includes window latches, hinge bolts, patio door locks, window locks, security bolts, door chains and associated packs of keys. This range accounts for the large majority of Chubb additional security sales and will help customers make a seamless transfer to ordering the Yale equivalent.

Yale emphasises, the Yale branded product will use exactly the same technology and be made in the same factory, by the same people as the current Chubb branded range. Other than the brand name, there is no difference and the Yale products will be “Chubb-at-Heart”.

A small group of just 11 Chubb products are direct equivalents to existing Yale products.  

Looking at annual sales figures for the past few years, these are more popular under the Yale brand and will continue to feature Yale part numbers. A quick and easy printed Part Number cross reference guide is available for all customers and is also on line at www.chubb-at-heart.com to help customers who buy Chubb to switch to the Yale equivalent.

The 11 stock keeping units also feature multiple pack quantities of the same product. For example, 4 of the 11 items are 2.3/8” security bolt and key packs so, in reality, the number of Chubb secondary security products where the part number is changing is very small.

A limited number of Chubb products will also be discontinued but, without exception, these are all products where sales have been small or the product has been superseded and a better alternative is readily available in the Yale portfolio. Again, there will be minimal inconvenience to customers.

Commenting on the launch of the expanded additional security products range, Yale’s Managing Director, John Ward, said:

“Yale is delighted to inherit the Chubb additional security range as it complements our existing range perfectly. We all recognise the traditions and heritage of the Chubb brand and are determined to make the transition as easy and pain free as possible for customers.”

“That is why, wherever possible, we have retained the Chubb product number for the Yale branded product.”

“A very small number of Chubb products will switch to using the Yale equivalent part numbers and there is a Part Number conversion guide available.”

“As customers would expect, we have also taken the opportunity to ‘spring clean’ and strip out a few products that had minimal sales and were cluttering the range. However, these are so limited in scope, that it should not have a big impact on customers.”

“ The real message is that all the great benefits of selling and installing Chubb additional security products are still available to customers, now under the Yale brand. nothing else changes. At the same time, we will be increasing the level of customer and marketing support for these products, so we not only retain Chubb sales but grow the market further.”

A special website, www.chubb-at-heart.co.uk, has all the latest news and information for customers.