UNION Codehandle is ‘right for the times’

With budget cuts and austerity measures on the way, a simple but effective keyless locking system is ‘right for the times’, according to leading security brand UNION, part of the ASSA ABLOY group.

UNION is highlighting its Codehandle lever furniture, which has an integral five-button keypad, and provides a simple, cost effective way to restrict access to private offices, storerooms and other locations in light commercial and residential properties.

As UNION’s Head of Marketing, Tina Ainsworth, commented:

“Understandably, buyers are cost conscious today and are reluctant to buy more advanced security features than they really need, but at the same time, everyone is aware of the need to protect people and assets.”

“ Easy to fit, with no wires, cables or drilling, Codehandle has an attractive compact design and is a cost effective solution for many areas such as storerooms that, in the past, you might not have protected but which you know are more at risk today.”

With options for both manual and automatic locking, the device offers nine user codes and one master code, which can all be changed an unlimited number of times. Entering an incorrect code five times blocks the handle for three minutes, long enough to deter the opportunist intruder.

The handle gives both visual and acoustic feedback and the batteries provide approximately 100,000 operations, with a low battery warning at 500 remaining operations.

Finished in satin stainless steel with satin chrome trim, Codehandle is supplied as a lever handle set, complete with roses, spindles, fixings and instructions.

To facilitate the mechanical over ride feature, UNION recommends that the handle is used with a DIN standard lock with cylinder to latch functionality, such as UNION’s 2C25 nightlatch or 2C21 sashlock.

To make this easy to order, UNION is also offering Codehandle e-locking packs, which come complete with all parts including a left or right handed Codehandle, a nightlatch or sashlock, a Euro escutcheon and, if required, a compatible UNION single euro cylinder.

For more information visit www.uniononline.co.uk