Direct success for Trimec strike quality

Just four months after making the move to ‘direct’ distribution and service in the UK market, Trimec, the innovative electromechanical locking solutions provider, is seeing faster growth and new customer interest in the high level of quality embedded in the product range.

The range includes seven different electric strikes plus motorised V locks, drop bolts, low profile hook locks and electric cabinet locks. The electric strikes range from the innovative ES9000, solid stainless steel strike, which has a 1,300kg holding force tested to 2,500,000 cycles, through to the ES100 and the ES110 aluminium strikes which offer simpler designs and lower priced options, both with a 680kg holding force and 1 million cycles test quality.

Trimec, based in Australia is part of the ASSA ABLOY Group and had pioneered its world wide sales via third party distribution, so the decision to switch sales in the UK to the Group’s national distribution centre in Wolverhampton was a natural choice, as Andy Stolworthy, Product Manager for Trimec, commented:

“Trimec customers in the UK were used to good service and so the change could have been disruptive, but thanks to an intensive period of training and handover, the team here were soon up to speed and able to give customers the support they expect under the brand’s TRICARE service policy”

“Many Trimec customers were already dealing with other ASSA ABLOY Group brands such as Chubb, UNION and Adams-Rite so in many cases there were efficiency gains.”

“However the real success in these first few months has come from converting new customers to Trimec’s unrivalled quality levels. There are an increasing number of “look a like” and “me –too ‘ copies on the market, competing solely on price, but the quality levels are significantly inferior.”

The Trimec product range is guaranteed for 5 years, is CE compliant and in line with the European Electromagnetic Compatibility Standard EN500181-1. In addition, the ES200/2000 and ES110 electric strikes are certified to UL1034 and exceed the highest levels of UL 1034 for holding force, dynamic strength and durability.

As Andy Stolworthy explains: “ Experienced installers are not fooled. They know that a few per cent saving on the purchase price is eroded by the first product failure, call back and customer complaint.”

“Electric strikes have a number of critical components and it is not difficult to make each single component in a cheaper but inferior quality way. The cumulative effect of this cost cutting can be devastating on operational reliability throughout the lifecycle, most notably for major design, build and maintain projects with a long maintenance contract.”

“Trimec have also recognized that there are projects where price will be a major factor and that’s where the ES100 and ES110 aluminium strike offer very competitive choices but still retain the hallmarks of Trimec quality with 3 hardened locking pins providing extra security and a rated solenoid that can be continuously powered.”

“At the other end of the scale, the new Trimec ES9000 is designed for commercial applications where high levels of security and accessibility are required. Constructed using solid stainless steel components, the ES9000 will open electronically under 25kg of side load, a market leading feature. There is simply no better quality strike on the UK market”

For further information on the Trimec range please call the customer support team on 0845 22 32 124 or visit or email