UNION secures University of Birmingham

UNION, a leading manufacturer of high quality security products within the education sector, was the primary choice to secure University of Birmingham’s recently refurbished £45 million Muirhead Tower, and Ashcroft House and Centre Courts halls of residence.

Situated on the University’s Edgbaston campus, the Muirhead Tower is one of the most recognisable buildings at the University and is the home of the College of Social Sciences.

The refurbishment involved stripping the iconic structure right back to it’s concrete shell, effectively starting from scratch.  An ambitious project that took over 2 years to complete, the regeneration programme included a new library and special collections facility that was funded with the help of generous private donations.

UNION supplied over 350 DTEC euro profile cylinders for the Muirhead Tower as part of a grand masterkey system with both single and double cylinders incorporated for a range of applications. 

The DTEC range features patent protection to prevent the duplication of keys with only legally authorised personnel able to do so.  Incorporating technology to ensure significant pick and drill resistance, the DTEC system allows maximum security and selective accessibility.

UNION also provided doorsets for the Ashcroft House and Centre Courts halls of residence as part of a general re-decoration and security re-fit of the two buildings.  Ashcroft House had it’s 190 bedrooms fitted with a DTEC masterkey and turn system, 2C2 mortice lock cases and retro door closers, while Centre Courts received the lock cases and door closers for it’s 180 rooms. 

Internal doors are of vital importance to security in any University with the communal nature of residential and administrative buildings meaning that there is always a heavy pedestrian traffic.

UNION’s expertise within the education sector was central to the success of the project with experience in adhering to DDA requirements proving particularly important.

Ian Humphries, Maintenance Planning Officer at University of Birmingham, hailed the success of the project:   

“A project this size always has the scope to go wrong, but the planning and customer service that we received from UNION was very good.  Meeting all of our security criteria, UNION has provided us with a hi-tech system to complement the rest of the regeneration work.”

With over £34,000 spent on door opening solutions alone, specification was all-important to ensure that all of the project’s unique needs were met.

Ian Chapman, Regional Sales Manager for UNION, commented:

“It was important that, as a part of such an ambitious project, we were able to provide a system that met the needs of the three buildings that were refurbished.  A range of people with different requirements use these buildings and it was important that they were all catered for and considered.

“Having regular involvement within the education sector, we are able to strike the balance of providing increased security with accessibility. 

For further information on UNION’s products and design solutions please visit www.uniononline.co.uk.