Abloy UK helps secure golfers’ belongings at the 2010 Ryder Cup venue

‘Sophisticated elegance’ was the remit for the £8 million Twenty Ten clubhouse at Celtic Manor, which will host the 2010 Ryder Cup and is home to leading European Tour event The Wales Open.

Decorated throughout to reflect the comfort and ambience associated with a 1930’s gentleman’s club, the Twenty Ten clubhouse has luxurious carpets, a strong influence of brass throughout and stylish black-and-white photos of golfing greats including Ben Hogan, Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods.

The brass theme continues inside the changing rooms, and this is where high performance lock and access control supplier Abloy UK came in.

Lockers fit for a king (or should that be a Tiger?)

Craftsman Quality Lockers was one of five companies invited to tender for the contract to provide lockers that would be in keeping with the style and atmosphere of a venue purpose-built to host such a prestigious event as the 2010 Ryder Cup.

Having worked with Abloy UK on locker security for nearly 20 years, Craftsman proposed 160 six-foot high solid oak lockers, each fitted with brass fixtures and an ASSA card lock with a bespoke, polished and lacquered brass cylinder.

Celtic Manor’s Vice President of Facilities and Development, Russell Phillips, comments: “Craftsman’s solution really stood out and recognised completely the functional and aesthetic aspects of our brief. The solid oak construction of the lockers and their brass fittings are completely in keeping with the quality and style that flows through the whole Twenty Ten experience”

Each of the 160 solid oak lockers is secured by a high-performance, brass finish ASSA card lock, which has been fitted so that when the locker is in use a specially-designed Celtic Manor Twenty Ten card - rather than a coin – can be placed on the inside of the door to allow removal of the locker’s brass key.

“As well as being secure and extremely robust, ASSA card locks prevent locker personalisation and also allow for the cards to be personalised, which Celtic Manor has done to good effect,” explains Abloy UK's general manager for industrial locking products, Shaun Powell.

The number of lockers (160) in the Twenty Ten clubhouse was governed by the size of a European Tour field, with the 2008 Wales Open scheduled to be played on the new Twenty Ten course between May 29 and June 1.

In terms of size, the lockers are large enough to store a golf bag and also suitable to hang a smart change of clothes – such as a suit or a team blazer and trousers.

Opened in November 2007, the Twenty Ten clubhouse changing room has been carefully designed so that a partition wall can be built in the middle - which will be done immediately before the 2010 Ryder Cup. This will ensure that the American and European teams have exactly the same size and specification of changing room!