Olympics success for ASSA ABLOY

With the 2010 FIFA World Cup in the headlines, it is hard to remember that in just two year’s time London will be hosting the world’s premier sporting event and, when it will be a “three in a row” Olympics comes to door opening solutions and locking technology, one worldwide group is hoping success.

ASSA ABLOY is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of locks and other door opening solutions and was well represented in China for the 2008 Olympic games, supplying security products to more than 30,000 hotel rooms, in around 90 Beijing hotels.

These hotels represented more than 50 percent of the four and five star hotels in Beijing. ASSA ABLOY group companies VingCard supplied all the door locks and KingsGate and Elsafe the hotel safes.

Typical projects included the Sofitel with 417 rooms, the Beijing Press conference centre with 950 rooms, Beijing Yunnan Crown Plaza with 560 rooms, Beijing Fuli Renaissance with 550 rooms and Beijing Hilton Double Tree with 551 rooms.

This success was followed up earlier this year with the “greenest winter Olympic Games ever” in Vancouver, Canada.

ASSA ABLOY Canada took full advantage of its presence in the host country with security and locking solutions selected for many of the venues and buildings involved in staging the events, from the Vancouver Olympic Centre to the UBC Thunderbird Arena, the Olympic Main Media Centre and a number of other key locations.

The choice of locations was often driven by two important considerations. The organising committee had set itself the goal of creating the “greenest” Olympic games in history, yet the games were being held against the backdrop of a severe financial downturn. Re-using existing facilities where possible was essential

“It was a challenge to the architects to create something new and exciting out of existing facilities,” says Ken Sekiya, ASSA ABLOY’s senior specification executive in British Columbia.

“Sometimes what we specified for these events would have to live beyond their present use, and function just as well as the buildings take on new or extended roles, post Olympics.”

“We installed an access control solution with time and scheduling in the Media Centre, while the headquarters building received a state-of-the-art refit with access control and security systems, with HID iCLASS credentials and readers located throughout.” says Bud Park, integrated solutions specialist at ASSA ABLOY DSS Canada.

Security in and around the Media Centre became very tight in the lead up to the Games, and the ability to restrict access to certain areas by individual people or groups became an absolute necessity.

“Running wires and mounting power supplies in this very busy building would not have worked at all,” says Dennis Daigneault of Access Logic Inc, the integrator responsible for the installation and programming of the locks.

“Issuing users with proximity cards rather than keys was much easier to control and more affordable. If a card is lost or misplaced, we simply remove them from the system and issued a new proximity card. No fear of someone bringing a key to the local key cutting store and making countless duplicates.”

ASSA ABLOY products were also used in the ski jump structure, biathalon venue, cross country venue, the Nordic competition day lodge and maintenance building and the Millennium Water Olympic Village.

With this pedigree it is not surprising that ASSA ABLOY in the UK is hoping to strike gold when Great Britain takes its turn as host.

“As a group, we have experience in supplying door opening solutions for many sporting arenas and stadia across the UK, serving a wide range of professional and amateur sports” commented Alistair Driscoll, National Specification Manager

“We also have a UK based specification team to help project manage and co-ordinate major contracts, bringing together experts from across all the different group companies in the UK and save customers having to deal separately with each one.”

“We are probably the only group that can provide everything from a simple padlock or mechanical mortice lock or door closer, through to a fully DDA compatible access and egress system, up to sophisticated digital access control systems with coded credentials and other high security features.”

For further information on ASSA ABLOY’s specification service please visit www.assaabloydoorsolutions.co.uk or contact Alastair Driscoll at alistair.driscoll@assaabloyuk.com