UK manufacturing the key to new UNION cylinders

KeyULTRA, a new cylinder system made in the UK and with a 19-year patent has been launched by UNION. Manufactured and built at UNION’s Willenhall factory, KeyULTRA benefits from DuraPIN and GuardPIN patented technology along with anti-drill, anti-pick and bump resistant features.

Kirsi Solehmainen, Product Manager at UNION Architectural Hardware, said: “We surveyed our customers to discover what features are most important in a cylinder system.  The feedback we received was vital in creating KeyULTRA.  From its ‘chunky’ key and attack resistant features down to its UK manufacturing, we knew this would be a popular choice for our customers.  And, because it has a patent until 2028, customers can rest easy in the knowledge that these cylinders and keys cannot be copied.”

KeyULTRA is built to suit a variety of applications with its wide range of designs.  Sizes range from 30mm x 30mm to 85mm x 85mm and it has extensive masterkeying flexibility.  With a key-related security Grade 6, there are over half a million possible key differs.  KeyULTRA is already proven in durability as it has been tested to half a million cycles and has high corrosion resistance so it can be used to equal effect in a variety of environments.

For more information please call 0845 223 2124.