Abloy shows e-Motion in Smartair range


ASSA ABLOY brand Abloy has launched the new e-Motion variant within its Smartair access control range to provide an integrated security solution for locker locks within an access control system.

Particularly valuable within the leisure sector where members have card access to designated areas, e-Motion Smartair is an extremely useful system add-on that allows members access to lockers.

Where visitors are also on site, in a golf course or gym application, cards can be issued temporarily with time-limited access. Another application is for use in hospital environments such as bedside cabinets and controlled drug cabinets.

The new variant is a particularly cost effective way to increase security and accessibility, whether it is part of an existing card operated access control system, or installed as a stand-alone system.

E-Motion Smartair is a wireless system, meaning that where there are large amounts of lockers, there are no hardwiring complications, and the e-Motion units can simply be configured to any existing Smartair hub.

Shaun Powell, General Sales Manager for Abloy UK, said:

"The new e-Motion variant of our popular Smartair access control system is ideal for any application that incorporates lockers, whether that be lockers for employees or in the leisure industry where designated users and visitors are likely to require temporary access.

"An additional benefit of the system comes where pre-paid cards are used.  These cards can be adapted to use Smartair software, providing a convenient one-card system.

"E-Motion Smartair offers all the same benefits of the standard system, with the ability to change the access plan and timetable controls of the systems' users to avoid any unnecessary accesses, plus any lost or stolen credentials can be automatically disabled or deleted."

Abloy UK supplies a market-leading range of padlocks, electric locks and cylinders for cabinets and doors in retail, leisure and museum environments as well as utilities, telecommunications and military applications.

For further information on Smartair or any of the products and services available from Abloy UK, please call 01902 364 500 or email sales@abloy.co.uk