Accessible technology with Max Cliq™ from ASSA


ASSA, a part of ASSA ABLOY Security Solutions, a division of the ASSA ABLOY Group, has launched Max CLIQ™ - a simple and intelligent electromechanical locking system.

Combining advanced CLIQ™ technology with high quality ASSA dp cylinders, ASSA Max CLIQ™ is an accessible key control system designed to enable small businesses and homeowners to benefit from high security, electromechanical locking solutions, without the associated costs and complexity.

As a small standalone system, ASSA Max CLIQ™ is suitable for use on residential property, shops and small commercial premises. The simple system requires no software and uses a programming key to activate the electromechanical cylinder and programme the user keys to allow or deny access.

The main advantage of the easy-to-programme ASSA Max CLIQ™ system is the increased key control it provides to business owners, landlords and homeowners. For example, if a key holder were to leave employment without returning the user key, with the ASSA Max CLIQ™ system employers can simply deactivate and re-programme the remaining keys, denying access to the lost or misplaced key.

The programming method eradicates the need to change the cylinder each time a key is lost or stolen – saving time and money. This eliminates the problem of the key duplicates, significantly increasing a premises security.

In addition, ASSA Max CLIQ™ also provides users with a cost effective yet customised security solution. Using the product’s serial number additional electronic keys and alternative electromechanical cylinders, such as padlocks, can be ordered and suited into the system.

This suiting allows users to have total key control over the premises and enables access to different parts of the building using the same key. Plus, no software or complicated installation is required to suite additional products, as all products are supplied ready to fit and are programmed using the original programming key.

Easy to install, the electromechanical ASSA cylinders have the same footprint and are fitted in the same way as traditional cylinders.

Lorna Ardern, Product Manager for ASSA, commented:

“ASSA Max CLIQ™ is all about making intelligent locking technology accessible to smaller businesses and even homeowners. Requiring no wiring or software installation, programming only takes a few minutes and is as straightforward as inserting the programming key into the cylinder. So the system can be fitted onto existing doors, requiring minimal disruption to the user. “

This is a highly attractive product to the end user, as they can benefit from the key control offered by large access control systems but without the associated costs or complicated software integration.”

Suitable for use with all types of ASSA cylinders, customers will receive an electromechanical ASSA cylinder, a programming key and three electronic user keys, where the electronic versions of Euro-profile or Scandinavian oval cylinders are supplied as standard.

Additional electronic keys and electromechanical cylinders can be ordered using the unique serial reference. Internal doors with ASSA dp cylinders, compatible with ASSA Max CLIQ™ user keys can also be ordered.

All user and programming keys are supplied with an easy to replace batteries, suitable for use for up to three years or 20,000 operations. In addition, to ensure the longevity of the cylinder, ASSA recommend using ASSA non-leaded, lock spray every six to twelve months.

ASSA-branded products can be accessed through the UK operating company, ASSA ABLOY Security Solutions. For further information, please contact ASSA ABLOY Security Solutions on 020 8688 5191 or visit