Door suppliers warned of component compliancy claims


With hundreds of companies claiming their products and services are ‘DDA or Equality Act 2010 compliant’, Andy Stolworthy, explains why this statement could lead to costly penalties for systems providers and installers.

The Equality Act 2010 (formerly The Disability Discrimination Act) was first introduced in 1995 to promote civil rights for disabled people, including access to all public facilities and services. Specifically, the act requires organisations to make ‘reasonable adjustments’, which may or may not include changes to their premises, in order to facilitate access for disabled people. 

The focus of the act is to ensure that the application rather than the component is compliant.

So, what does this mean for door manufacturers?  Put simply, it is the door set that must be compliant and not the individual components. 

For example, to comply with Approved Document M guidelines, door closers have maximum opening forces that can only be tested once in situ.  This is because their operation is affected by factors such as door width, weather stripping, latch resistance and external and internal atmospheric conditions. The result is that the same door closer may be ‘compliant’ for one application but not another.

To aid door manufacturers and suppliers, ASSA ABLOY has recently launched a range of surface door closers, including two cam motion models – the DC500 and DC700, and the DC860 concealed cam motion closer, which can help door suppliers and building owners meet with guidelines under The Equality Act 2010.

Pleasing aesthetics and easy to install, the cam motion closers help to reduce the opening force at the beginning of the opening cycle, allowing for improved access for all, whilst still maintaining the closing force.

If a door supplier has contractually agreed to supply an entrance system that meets with Equality Act 2010 guidelines, then ultimately they are responsible for ensuring the correct tests are carried out upon installation. So, to avoid costly penalties they should be wary of compliancy claims made by door component manufacturers.

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