EffEff 8037 Electric Strike for Glass Doors


Abloy UK, the sole distributor of EffEff products in the UK, is offering an aesthetically pleasing alternative to door magnets when securing a glass door.

The EffEff 8037 electric strike fits to the top of the door but unlike a magnet, installation is easy with just four screws high bonding adhesive required.  Also the  8037 offers a clean and neat aesthetic that is attractive without the bulkiness of other solutions.

The fail secure version Electric strikes offers lower power consumption than magnets as they only draw power when the door is in use, rather than constantly drawing power other than when the door needs to be opened.

Steve Martin, Product Manager for Abloy UK, said: "The EffEff 8037 is a very flexible product and can be fitted to glass doors in any access control scenario, offering compatibility with both wooden and metal door frames. The 8037 can also be ordered as a monitored strike; this monitoring functionality allows a facilities manager to track which
doors are locked and which are unlocked."

"A feature rich product, the EffEff 8037 can be supplied fail-locked and fail-unlocked and has a holding force of 670 lbs, offering an excellent retrofit solution for swinging doors."

Manufactured to the highest quality specifications in Germany, the EffEff range is guaranteed by a five-year warranty. 

For further information on the full range of Abloy and EffEff locking solutions available, call 01902 364500 or e-mail sales@abloy.co.uk