New ASSA cylinder functions provide specialised solutions


ASSA, part of ASSA ABLOY Security Solutions, a division of ASSA ABLOY, has introduced two new functions to its extensive cylinder range, providing products specifically adapted to individual sectors’ needs.

ASSA has introduced the clutch release and dual action functions to its popular cylinder range, providing a locking and access solution for a variety of applications. Designed for the education sector, specifically with student accommodation in mind, the clutch release function is available for retrofit or first time installation on all existing European-style lock cases, such as the ASSA D450.

This latest cylinder function from ASSA prevents occupants from locking out authorised key holders, whilst still providing privacy and protection from non-key holders. Inserting a key from the outside disengages the clutch, allowing the turn to rotate freely, granting access to authorised personnel, regardless of whether the door is locked or being held from the inside – this is an important feature in an emergency situation.

The introduction of the clutch release function for European-style lock cases complements and consolidates its current clutch thumbturn accessory, for use with Scandinavian-style lock cases. 

Recommended for use in healthcare buildings, as well as mental health and young offenders’ accommodation, the thumbturn accessory variant of the clutch release function offers the same privacy and override functions.

In addition, the flush fit, anti-ligature design also prevents the door from being physically ‘jammed shut’, whilst also preventing self-harm by vulnerable occupants. All fixtures and fixings are on the outside of the lock, meaning should an occupant attempt to disable the lock internally, it can be safely unscrewed from the outside and access granted.

Supplied in two sizes, 13mm and 18mm, as well as a version for bathroom doors, the clutch thumbturn accessory can be used with ASSA Modular lockcases.

The second introduction from ASSA is the dual action function cylinder. Ideal for use in care homes or sheltered accommodation, it permits keyholders to gain entry to a room, whilst the key is engaged on the inside of the door. Suitable for use on all existing European-style lock cases, including master key suites, this product is popular with elderly residents, as it provides them with the re-assurance of leaving their key in the door where it is easy to find, whilst simultaneously allowing access for visitors, such as carers and trusted relatives.

Karen Pearce, Product Manager for ASSA, said:

“The new cylinder functions, as well as the existing thumbturn accessory variant from ASSA are individually adapted to suit education, healthcare and elderly residential environments, but all provide privacy, protection and easy access in emergency or prescribed situations.

“These products from ASSA strike the right balance between privacy and authorised external access, which is crucial for occupants’ safety, and even more so when dealing with potential vulnerable residents.”

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