New ASSA lever handle available with Addion®


ASSA, a part of ASSA ABLOY Security Solutions, a division of the ASSA ABLOY Group, has upgraded its lever handle offering with the launch of the 6655.

An upgraded replacement for the tried and trusted 6650 lever handle, the return to door handle is also available with Addion® plating, further strengthening ASSA’s Distinction range.

Suitable for heavy and very heavy applications, the original handle was used widely throughout education and healthcare applications and the new 6655 is also similarly suited to these types of projects, as well as commercial settings.

The dimensions of the return to lever handle, combined with its double action, which permits ‘flip-up’, make the handle suitable for applications where the guidelines of the Equality Act, and specifically BS8300 need to be considered.

In addition, the 6655 is the first handle from ASSA available with highly durable Addion® plating – the latest surface treatment for protection against the spread of bacteria.

Applied during the manufacturing process, a surface treatment integral to the product, as opposed to a coating, Addion® uses the polygiene technology to enable the rapid decomposition of bacteria and mirco-organisms.

Thanks to its application process, Addion® can not be weathered by general usage and wear and tear, meaning its’ potency and effectiveness is not reduced over time. Plus, unlike some coatings, lever handles treated with Addion® retain their original aesthetics, complementing and matching with untreated handles.

Karen Pearce, Product Manager for ASSA, said:

“We always enjoyed great success with our 6650 lever handle and it was a proven and trusted product, especially throughout the health and education sectors. However, we feel it is important to continually develop and look to improve products.

“The new 6655 epitomises this view, an improved look and feel but with the functionality and years of manufacturing experience that went into the original handle.

“We are also really excited to be able to offer Addion® anti-bacterial plating. Traditionally used to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria, such as MRSA, within healthcare and education environments, it is equally as relevant to any communal environment.

“Recent epidemics and health scares have led commercial offices and even retail premises to take preventative measures, such as providing anti-bacterial hand gel. However, these practises are often hard to enforce and monitor, an Addion® plated handle takes away the user responsibility and reduces human error, leading to healthier environments.”

Available in satin or polished chrome and polished brass, as well as Addion® treated, the new 6655 is suitable for use with ASSA Scandinavian lockcases and the ASSA Compact range.

Further complementary Addion® plated products will be available from ASSA shortly.

ASSA-branded products can be accessed through the UK operating company, ASSA ABLOY Security Solutions. For further information, please contact ASSA ABLOY Security Solutions on 020 8688 5191 or visit