Safe Entry And Exit Provided By ASSA ABLOY Electric Locks

IFSEC visitors will be amongst the first to view the new Abloy EL466 and EL566 electric locks from ASSA ABLOY, providing easy access and exit routes within premises, whilst maintaining high levels of security.

Designed to work with access, automation and hands-free systems, the new multipoint solenoid locks conform with the latest EN179 revision, which stipulates that the handle must be operational from the inside at all times but without moving the outside handle.

Both the EL466 and EL566 electric locks enable an electronically controlled outside handle but always allow the lock to be opened from the inside using the handle or cylinder, making them suitable for use on internal fire and security doors.

Jon Burke, Abloy UK Marketing Manager, said: “Our new multipoint locks are the latest extension to the Europrofile electromechanical lock case range, and we felt IFSEC was the ideal opportunity to showcase our growing portfolio.

“One of the more difficult tasks when delivering security solutions is managing the level of security needed to protect the premises from intruders, whilst ensuring building accessibility and the safe exit of building users in the event of an emergency. The new electric locks from Abloy deliver on both fronts.”

EL466 and EL566 provide all the monitoring outputs expected from an access control system, including easily reversible trigger bolts and a sabotage loop. Fail locked or fail unlocked functions are also available.

EL466 is recommended for use in narrow profile doors and EL566 is used in wooden and metal doors.