Safety hinges on PowerLOAD from UNION


UNION Architectural Hardware, part of ASSA ABLOY Security Solutions, a division of the ASSA ABLOY Group, is urging building owners and facilities managers not to underestimate the importance of door hinges when it comes to building safety.

Designed for heavy traffic applications, such as hospitals, schools and commercial buildings with a high footfall, the PowerLOAD range of hinges from UNION provide outstanding strength and durability.

With in built strength to withstand the weight down forces and lateral thrust of doors that are used in areas vulnerable to the stress caused in heavy duty applications, all hinges in the PowerLOAD range are tested to BS EN 1935:2002 and are CE marked.

In addition, they are Certifire approved and have also been included in successful fire tests to BS EN 1634-1 for both 30 minute and 60 minute timber fire doors. The bushed bearing design combines phosphorous bronze and steel bushes, which produce their own lubricant when they interact, as a result this reduces the metal-on-metal contact thereby reducing the wear and tear caused by friction.

The hinges in the PowerLOAD range are supplied with a 25year product guarantee. This product longevity and increased durability, helps to reduce repair and maintenance costs, making them an ideal solution for public and commercial buildings where ongoing lifecycle costs and reliability are paramount.

Karen Hubbard, Product Manager for UNION, said:

“Door hinges are often seen as a minor or inconsequential part of a building’s specification, especially when compared to larger, more visible items. However, by down grading the quality of door hinge on a project, the safety of a building and the people within it can be compromised, especially in the event of a fire, where the consequences can be fatal if the door drops and becomes inaccessible.

“All the hinges in the PowerLOAD range have been tested for use on fire doors and will provide the same high level of protection for at least 25years, significantly lengthening the lifecycle of a building. “This is a critical point – as these hinges will be used on doors that are subject to frequent use.

For example, some doors within a healthcare environment will used more than 5000 times a week, therefore a lower performance hinge would soon need replacing, increasing a premise’s maintenance and refurbishment costs.

So, whilst the initial cost of a high performance hinge may be more, the long term savings buildings owners and estate managers receive on maintenance charges make specifying the right hinge imperative.”

The PowerLOAD range includes three butt hinges 601,603 and the 602 with its 20mm projection, and two lift off hinges 604 and 605.

For further information on UNION’s products and design solutions please visit  UNION is part of ASSA ABLOY Security Solutions, a division of the ASSA ABLOY Group, the global leader in door opening solutions.