Social Housing sucess for UNION KeyULTRA™


UNION, part of ASSA ABLOY Security Solutions, a division of the ASSA ABLOY Group, has successfully specified its KeyULTRA™ masterkey suite to a social housing project in Liverpool.

Part of the Symphony Housing Group, Liverpool Housing Trust owns nearly 10,000 homes across Merseyside, including properties in Liverpool, Warrington and St Helens. The well-established social housing trust, which has been running for well over 40years, has won numerous awards and prides itself on the provision of high quality housing stock.

Providing key control and security benefits, over 200 of UNION’s KeyULTRA™ masterkey cylinders were supplied by architectural ironmongers, Prescotts. A further 200 cylinders are due to be fitted throughout the year, due to the ease and success of the first round of installations.

The KeyULTRA™ 6pin masterkey cylinder from UNION is ideal for social housing projects, thanks to its extended patent, lasting until 2028, and its DuraPIN™ technology. These features prevent the unauthorised copying of keys on the high street and key blank duplication, providing social housing landlords with complete key control and permitting access to authorised tenants only.

Designed with reliability and durability in mind, keyULTRA™ has been tested to 500,000 cycles and also has over half a million key differs. It has received the highest grades for key related security and attack resistance in relation to BS EN 1303:2005 when used in conjunction with a security escutcheon. This level of durability makes it a cost effective solution for social housing projects, where hardware products are subject to frequent use and daily wear and tear.

Colin Prescott of Prescotts Architectural Ironmongers, comments:

“The initial installation was such a success that this is now an ongoing project. The key control provided by UNION’s KeyULTRA™ is a real benefit when dealing with multiple properties that have a frequent tenant turnover. Not only does it enable landlords and councils to monitor access but it also prevents previous or unauthiorised personnel from obtaining duplicate keys, creating a safer environment.

“Plus, the quality of UNION products is a real bonus, especially in applications such as this, where security hardware will be subject to frequent use. The initial investment made by Liverpool Housing Trust will be easily recouped in maintenance and repair cost savings.”

Simon Brown, Director of Asset Management for Liverpool Housing Trust, says:

“This has been a highly successful project for LHT and the manufacturer has been extremely helpful in delivering the first phase of this project. The masterkey suite is expected to reduce costs and improve efficiency in accessing communal areas of our properties.”

Ian Chapman, Regional Sales Manager for UNION, added: 

“Dealing with such a large housing stock and hundreds of tenants can be a logistical nightmare. But, thanks to Prescotts’ and Liverpool Housing Trust’s co-operation, new cylinder installations and key issuing all took place on specific days with minimal disruption to tenants.

‘UNION has many products suitable for social housing projects, and we hope that the success of this, plus working with such a forward-thinking housing group will help to develop our offering.”

KeyULTRA™ from UNION features nickel silver differ pins and self-lubricating material for enhanced wear resistance and is available in a variety of cylinder styles, including single and double Euro profiles, rim cylinders, padlocks and Scandinavian designs.

Plus, the masterkey cylinder can also be supplied with a clutch release function, allowing the door to be unlocked even if the thumbturn is being held in the locked position from the inside. Classroom functions and construction keying are also available for suitable applications.

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