Staying safe on holiday – home and away


With the holiday season upon us, Yale offers some all-important security products for when you’re away.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Yale’s handy Portable Travel Safe can be attached to any fixed objects in your hotel room or while you’re out and about to keep your belongings safe. The slimline safe is large enough to hold your passport, jewellery and small electrical goods, yet compact enough to take around with you. The Portable Travel Safe is a convenient alternative to hotel safes, which often cost extra, and as you can take it to the beach or pool, there’s no need to worry about leaving your belongings unattended.

The American Dream

If you’re heading to the US this year, then tighter airline security procedures mean your luggage is more likely to be opened and examined by airport officials, but if locks and zips are forced open, this can often cause damage to your bags. Yale’s affordable range of TSA Luggage Locks® (Transportation Security Administration) offers a special security feature that allows US security personnel to open and re-lock your luggage without any damage.

Raise The Alarm

Yale’s range of alarmed locks combines a cable lock with a tamper alarm, which is triggered if the cable is cut or the lock case is attacked. Portable and compact, the Lock Alarm Mini has a 100dB in-built alarm and a combination lock that you can set with your own four-digit code. Larger in size and with a louder alarm, the Medium Alarmed Lock and Large Alarmed Lock are ideal for use outside caravans or villas, to secure bikes and toys.

Alarmingly Clever

Ideal for protecting hotel rooms, apartments or caravans, Yale’s affordable range of battery-powered Stand Alone Alarms can be placed freestanding on a shelf or fixed to a wall, and will alert you if an intruder breaks in. Each alarm can be accessorised with a remote key fob, so you can easily arm and disarm your system from a distance. You can also use a Stand Alone Alarm in your shed, garage or conservatory to deter thieves from attacking your home whilst you’re away.

Alarm Yourself

Although you should avoid travelling on your own whenever possible, tourists are often targeted by pickpockets and bag-snatchers whilst abroad. Yale offers an affordable Personal Attack Alarm that is small and discreet to carry, with an ultra loud built-in siren, which is activated by pulling the hand loop.

All of the Yale security products recommended are available from your local DIY store, locksmiths or hardware stores. For more information call 01902 364647 or visit