Staying Safe On The Move

ASSA ABLOY's market leading residential brand Yale have come up with some top tips for caravan owners to help keep their valuables safe and secure.

Be Alarmed!

Yale’s affordable range of battery-powered stand alone alarms are ideal for protecting caravans and motorhomes as they can be placed freestanding on a shelf or fixed to a wall, and will alert you if an intruder breaks in. Each alarm can be accessorised with a remote key fob, so you can easily arm and disarm your system from a distance. Remember, it’s a good idea if you’ve got an alarm to use a visible sticker to say that one is fitted.

Keep It Safe

Caravans and motorhomes are an attractive proposition to thieves, as they are often left unattended while you enjoy the sights during the day and the social scene at night. Yale’s handy portable travel safe can be attached to any fixed objects in your caravan or while you’re out and about to keep your belongings safe. The slimline safe is large enough to hold your spending money, jewellery and small electrical goods, yet compact enough to take around with you.

Keep It Locked

If you’re travelling with bikes or outdoor equipment, make sure you keep them safe too. Not only are they highly visible to potential thieves when left outside your caravan, they are often neglected when it comes to security. Using a secure padlock and chain will keep your bikes safe and deter opportunist thieves. Yale offers a range of bike locks that can be opened with keys or a combination code. The range also includes a U-shaped lock, which provides protection against saws and bolt cutters, and includes a unique cover cap that prevents the lock from rusting – ideal for the British summer!

Make Your Mark 

It is important to mark your valuables with an indelible ink or ultra-violet security marker. It is also worth keeping an up-to-date list of serial numbers of all the high value items in your caravan or motorhome. These two simple actions can help police identify your property and make it easier to prove ownership in court.

Make A Saving 

Not only does a secure caravan give you peace of mind, it can also save you money on your insurance premium. When looking for caravan insurance, shop around, as many companies will offer discounts for security measures such as intruder alarms, hitch locks and wheel clamps, as well as for using insurance approved security products.

Yale security products are available from your local DIY store, locksmiths or hardware stores. For more information call 01902 364647 or visit