Wireless functionality added to ASSA Smartair


ASSA has added wireless functionality to its established ASSA Smartair Electronic access control system. Combining the benefits of both autonomous wire free systems and wireless communication power, the ASSA Smartair Wireless electronic access control escutcheon has been developed to deliver a cost effective access control solution for the health and education sectors.

The new wireless design helps to reduce installation time and costs, while providing the same high security and accessibility as standard

ASSA Smartair. ASSA Smartair Wireless requires a IP addressed hub with a fixed power supply. Like the ‘Update on Card’ software the wireless system has the ability to operate wireless wall readers with electric strikes and door magnets. ASSA Smartair wireless has an estimated battery life of 40,000 operations.  

When using the Wireless system, each user is provided with a “credential”, currently in the form of an encrypted contactless proximity card, which simply needs to be presented within ten millimeters of the door unit to operate the lock. Further credentials such as keys, tags and bracelets are available as options. 

The system copes with up to 1500 individual users per door unit, with a total of 65,000 users for the complete system, and will record an audit trail of the last 1000 events. In addition, the system can be programmed to have 14 time zones with five time periods each, giving very close control of access and egress timings.

ASSA Smartair technology has been successfully used on many projects across the UK.  Among the first to benefit from new Wireless ASSA Smartair is Wessex Archaeology, an organization developed to house the artifacts of old Salisbury.  Staff have been using the system to assign or deny staff and contractor access in two buildings that are separated by a car park and steel encased walls. 

The new ASSA Smartair Wireless system allowed staff to simply hold their card up to the reader placed on the front door to gain access, removing the need for a key.

Lorna Ardern, Product Manager for ASSA ABLOY Security Solutions, said: 

“ASSA Smartair has always been a popular product, with functionality like the green and red LED lights for access acceptance and denial providing end users with a solution that is effective, yet simple to use.

“The new Smartair Wireless model takes advantage of the system’s centralised computer to control software management to each of the escutcheons and wall readers, without enduring the cost of hardwiring.  By changing user card access centrally, the user simply needs to go to the door in question and present their card for the door to open. As well as contractors being able to call staff when standing in front of a particular door, staff can highlight the door from the software and so open the door remotely.”