Easy+Clean™: Just what the Doctor ordered


With hospital standards – and particularly cleanliness – now deeply embedded in the public’s consciousness, UNION’s TouchClean® technology is more valuable than ever.

Despite the MRSA superbug being at a record low in NHS Hospitals in 2011, it is important for health sector specifiers not to become complacent. This year, reports warn that a “super flu” – a combination of seasonal and swine flu – poses a serious public health threat, and that health institutions and the general public alike should be doing their utmost to guard against infection.

UNION’s Easy+Clean™ facility furniture combines an easy access design, with new TouchClean® technology; a nanotechnology coating used to protect people against bacteria and mould organisms.

Ideal for use in healthcare settings, the coating protects against MRSA, C. Difficille, E. Coli, SARS, listeria, salmonella and bacterial spores, amongst others. TouchClean® will stop contaminants from growing and tests have shown that within 24 hours, colonies of bacteria were reduced by 99.99%.

The facility furniture offers a cost-effective solution for bathroom and toilet applications, where regular furniture may be unhygienic. Suitable for both hinged and sliding doors, where ease of operation is desired, the Easy+Clean™ facilities furniture assists in fulfilling the duties required under the Equality Act and satisfies the recommendations of BS8300 and Approved Document M (ADM); especially important in a healthcare environment.

The hardware can be surface mounted directly to a cubicle or flush panel door. Occupancy is indicated by a red and white signal and the design includes a coin operated emergency release. The Easy+Clean™ can be ordered either right or left handed by quoting 37651L/R

Brett Adderley, Product Manager for UNION, said: “It is important that healthcare specifiers choose safe and sanitary facilities furniture, especially in light of recent health threats. Easy+Clean™ can form part of an improved hygiene regime, as the TouchClean® Technology can compensate for human error.

“The Easy+Clean™ facility furniture has proved its merit in both the test suite and real-world applications, and continues to offer an important and innovative way in which to help keep our hospitals clean and safe.”