Gem Security takes Novel approach


Bristol based security expert Gem Security has committed to Abloy’s innovative new cylinder platform, becoming the UK’s first Novel Centre, offering patent protected masterkey solutions.

Gem Security have 30 years experience working with Abloy and have chosen to take advantage of the extensive technical and marketing support that Abloy offers its Novel Centres.

An integral part of the company’s key strategy plan, becoming a Novel Centre allows Gem Security to sell Novel cylinder systems as well as replace lost keys and install system add-ons. Patent protection means that the replication of keys and key cutting is strictly controlled, as they can only be created with a related keycard at an authorised Abloy Centre.

The Abloy Novel platform is based on a unique patent protected anti-wear system (AWS) key mechanism that gives a long lasting working life in demanding environments. High security rotating detainer discs, provide both durability and long-term performance.

With Novel, locks can also be keyed into the same master-key system using just one key profile so that just one key can open several locks if needed. Alternatively, the Novel system offers various key profiles and levels of key control to meet individual commercial requirements.

Phil Edmonds, Business Development Director of Gem Security, said:

“We have a longstanding relationship with Abloy, so becoming a Novel Centre made sense as it allows us to take advantage of the competitive range, particularly for use on projects in the education sector.

“We look forward to continuing working with Abloy to deliver a first class security solution to our customers.”

Jon Burke, Marketing Manager for Abloy UK, said:

“With Gem Security named as our first Novel Centre we have joined forces with one of the UK’s most progressive security installers, helping end users utilise the unique benefits of the Novel cylinder platform.

“Working with such a well-respected company serves to further enhance our position as the industry leader, providing the highest quality solutions across a number of sectors.”

Novel’s cylinder, keys and key blanks are protected by worldwide patent until 2027 and the design registration is valid until 2035. For more information on the Novel range, or for details on Abloy’s extensive range of door security solutions, please visit