Remote verison extends ASSA's CLIQ range


Extending and adding to the functionality of its CLIQ electromechanical cylinder range, ASSA has launched the innovative CLIQ Remote system.

Using ASSA dp technology, with its unique patented sidebar mechanism allowing billions of usable differs, CLIQ Remote is designed for larger masterkey suites, remote sites and companies with a geographical spread of operations.

Enabling the commissioning, programming and full administration of security management centrally via web-based software, the system often eliminates the need to service and monitor locks on site.

Providing users with remote access to a building, regardless of location, through a secure web connection, the system from ASSA has the functionality to create time defined user keys, allowing access for a specified period of time – a useful feature for engineers or contractors who need access outside of normal working hours.

Utilising ASSA’s high security dp technology and masterkey suites, users can create cost effective systems with up to three levels of security, plus the patent provided by ASSA dp masterkey system adds a further level of physical protection. 

CLIQ Remote from ASSA can also assist in security policy management, administration and budgeting. Enforced key updates, the deletion of lost or stolen keys, reduced time schedules and a rationalised number of reusable keys for use by contractors or similar visitors make it a cost effective and secure solution.

The centrally controlled ASSA CLIQ Remote system helps to minimise administrative work, allowing the administrator to grant access or to block lost or stolen keys, thanks to the embedded chip memory and processor that creates its electronic identity.

In addition, changes or expansions to a building or user group can be updated remotely, creating a flexible system for building managers and users, whilst improving access and maintaining a high level of security.

As well as allowing for additional data like validity times and authorisations written to the keys remotely, the software also automatically updates and records audit trails.

Nojmol Islam, Product Manager for ASSA, said: “CLIQ Remote is ideal for both small or large organisations, as it creates scalable, centralised and automated security management. The reduction in administrative requirements and the flexibility of the ASSA CLIQ Remote System makes it highly cost effective, whilst the improved key management helps larger companies add new users to the system and delete users when employees leave, reducing the risk of theft or keys falling into the wrong hands.”

CLIQ Remote can be used with all products within the ASSA dp range and is easy to install with no need for complicated wiring and, in most cases, without the need to replace existing door hardware.

For further information on the new CLIQ Remote system or the full range of CLIQ products from ASSA, please visit