Rescue Your Door!


Security specialist Yale has launched Doormaster™ – a revolutionary range that takes the hassle out of replacing your multipoint door lock!

A multipoint lock runs the length of a PVC or Composite door and has several points of contact (such as hooks or bolts) which lock the door into the frame. There are some telltale signs that your multipoint lock could be about to fail – your door handle could be drooping, jamming, feel loose, or make a ‘clunking’ sound when operated, or you may need to use unnecessary force when turning the handle and opening the door.

Many older multipoint locks are reaching the end of their lifecycle and over the coming months and years, growing numbers are expected to fail as a natural result of years of usage, which is why it’s worth replacing your lock as soon as it starts to show any of these warning signs.

The Yale Doormaster™ replacement multipoint lock range allows you to quickly and easily replace your lock, without the hassle and cost of replacing the entire door.

If you have a PVC door and are a competent DIYer, you can opt for a Doormaster™ Universal replacement multipoint lock, which comes with all parts and fixings included.

If you would prefer a professional to replace your lock, then you can arrange professional installation via the associated Yale Doormaster™ Expert network; a national network of Yale approved installers who can replace the multipoint locks in PVC, Composite and Timber doors. Yale Doormaster™ Experts offer a range of higher security replacement multipoint locks for added peace of mind.

When replacing the multipoint lock, it’s worth upgrading your door security at the same time by replacing the lock cylinder with a high security, anti-snap version. You can also update the appearance of your door by fitting new door furniture such as door handles and letterplates, which will give your existing door a smart new look.

The Doormaster™ Universal retails from around £75 (including VAT) at major retailers. To find out more about the Yale Doormaster™ range or to arrange professional installation via your nearest Yale Doormaster™ Expert, please visit