School upgrades security thanks to Mul-T-Lock


Kings Langley School has upgraded the security of its entire premises to a Mul-T-Lock Garrison master key suite to incorporate latest facilities on site, alongside providing a completely safe environment for pupils and staff, inside and outside the classroom.

As a specialist arts college based in Hertfordshire, Kings Langley School has recently invested in a number of extensive building projects to create significant new teaching and learning areas around the school.

To ensure all new areas were secure, the school's on site facilities manager contacted SE Connor to provide a master key suite which could upgrade the security across the existing site and incorporate the new door entry points.

SE Connor recommended Mul-T-Lock's Garrison system, which provides high quality protection and reduces the number of keys required to negotiate the buildings to just one. To date, 60 units have been fitted across the school, which can all be operated by one double entry master key.

Says Graham Lock, Site Manager for Kings Langley School: "With the addition of the new learning areas on site, we recognised that we needed to put measures in place to improve security. I contacted SE Connor to find a more effective way to manage the security of the school and they recommended Mul-T-Lock's Garrison range.

"The concept of just having one master key for the whole school is brilliant, as it means access control can be secured easily as and when required. This all adds to the smooth running of the school and means staff and pupils can make the most of the opportunities provided inside and outside the classroom, all in a safe and secure environment." Cont/d...

Mul-T-Lock's Garrison cylinder series is based on a precision engineered pin tumbler mechanism, which incorporates seven separate chambers for better quality protection, as opposed to the traditional five, at the same cost.

As each Garrison key is cut on a dedicated Garrison Mul-T-Lock key cutting machine to a specific reference, it means SE Connor can cut original keys, and not copies each and every time additional keys are required.

Dave Henderson of SE Connor added: "Maintaining physical security of a school has always been important, but for Kings Langley this must be balanced with maintaining a pleasant environment within the community, so that staff and pupils alike can take advantage of all the extra curricular and out of school activities that occur. It is for this reason we recommended the Garrison suite, to ensure control of keys and locks for the entire premises can be carefully managed at all times."

Matt Kemp, Regional Sales Manager for North London concluded: "School security is perhaps one of the most emotive issues facing headteachers, school staff, parents and governors. If not enough security is provided, the governing bodies are held into account, but this must be achieved without impacting on the values and daily operations of a school. What King Langley School demonstrates is moving to a master key system, operated and controlled by just a few individuals is one cost effective way to achieve this balance."

For further information on Garrison and the full range of security solutions available from Mul-T-Lock, please contact Desalena Edwards