Yale alerts homeowners to lock snapping outbreak


Following recent reports from West Yorkshire Police, highlighting the growing issue of burglary through lock snapping, security specialist Yale is advising homeowners to undertake a simple three step plan to secure their homes.

1. Identify your lock cylinder

Lock snapping is a worrying new trend where burglars apply force to the lock cylinder, rendering the lock useless. The locks most at risk of this type of attack are fitted with a Euro profile cylinder. These are found in the majority of PVC and composite doors installed in the last 15 years and operate in combination with a multipoint lock.

So the first step is to identify your lock type and if you have a Euro cylinder, and if your door is more than a year or two old then move to step two.

2. Replace it with a cylinder that meets current standards

Currently, the best protection is achieved by choosing locks, cylinders and door hardware licensed and approved by the Secured by Design crime reduction initiative, created by the Association of Chief Police Officers.

The latest standards include the Master Locksmith Association’s Sold Secure SS312 Diamond standard and the new Kitemark standard TS007, created by the Door Hardware Federation and Glass and Glazing Federation, which requires a “3 star” solution. 

3. Consider replacing your multipoint lock at the same time

Regardless of lock snapping, Yale estimates that over one million multipoint locks will fail this year as they reach the end of their natural lifecycle.

Telltale warning signs include the door handle drooping, jamming, feeling loose or making a ‘clunking’ sound when operated.

Rather than go the expense of replacing the whole door, Yale’s Doormaster™ replacement multipoint lock range is a straightforward solution and offers a 10 year guarantee as well as the meeting the latest security standards.

By following this simple three-step plan, Yale believes householders can simply and inexpensively protect their home and make sure they comply with the demands in their home insurance policies.

In future, Yale is also warning that homeowners will need to consider replacing locks more frequently, to maintain the highest levels of home security as the ‘arms race’ between lock companies and burglars escalates.

For the best advice on protecting your home, Yale recommends you consult your local Crime Reduction Officer, a qualified locksmith, a Yale Security Point professional installer or a Yale Doormaster expert for multipoint locks.

More information is available at www.yale.co.uk