Yale launches new experts opportunity for locksmiths


Home security specialist Yale is launching a new professional network, offering locksmiths the opportunity to become Yale Experts to take advantage of the growing market in replacement multipoint locking and PVCu and composite door security.

The new Yale Expert programme will provide locksmiths with access to a revolutionary new range of easy-to-install Doormaster™ replacement multipoint locks, gearboxes and “overnight” locks. This exciting programme will provide a genuine ‘one call one repair’ solution for the one million plus multipoint locks that will be replaced this year.

The Yale Expert programme will offer full sales, marketing and product training support plus ‘approved installer’ status from the world’s leading home security brand. Dedicated technical support will also be on hand.

With no equivalent major brand programme in the market place, Yale Experts will have a ready competitive edge, being amongst the first to offer and install the innovative new Doormaster™ range for PVCu and composite doors, which includes exclusive lines for professional installers.

All Doormaster™ multipoint locks are based on the latest Yale High Security YS170 product platform and enable locksmiths to replace virtually all PVCu, composite and timber doors with just six multipoint locks. Replacement cylinders and door handles are also part of the product range line-up.

Members of the Yale Expert network will receive full Doormaster™ installation training and specialist marketing support, including point of sale for retail locksmiths and van materials for mobile businesses.

Yale Experts will receive a company listing on a special Doormaster™ website for consumers and will also benefit from business referrals via a dedicated Yale Doormaster™ helpline.

Each Yale Expert will have a designated Yale account manager and a member of the Yale sales and technical team will always be available to attend joint customer visits.

To help Yale Experts stay up to date, a regular email newsletter will communicate the latest product and programme news to members and network events will also be hosted through Yale distributors.

The Yale Expert programme is open to all locksmiths who undertake a Doormaster™ installation training course and meet one of several criteria, covering trade association membership and trading history.

Catherine Brock of Yale said:

“The new Yale Expert programme is based on a powerful business proposition. Locksmiths have the opportunity to connect with a strong consumer brand and to benefit from business opportunities with higher value products in replacement multipoint locks, which we strongly believe to be the future of the residential mechanical lock market. “

Multipoint locks are fitted to 80% of all new external residential doors and those installed in the early generations of PVCu and composite doors are reaching the end of their lifecycle. Over the coming months and years, growing numbers of multipoint locks are expected to fail, so now is the ideal time for locksmiths to become established as specialists in replacement multipoint locks.”

The Doormaster™ range has been devised to make it as easy as possible for locksmiths to effectively service the replacement multipoint lock market, by simplifying product selection and installation to provide a genuine ‘one call, one repair’ solution.

“The whole range of multipoint locks, gearboxes and ‘overnight locks’ – in fact everything the locksmith needs – has been compressed into just 22 product lines.”

Catherine continued:

“To join Yale Expert, there will be a network qualification process to ensure that potential locksmith partners have the accreditations, technical capability and enthusiasm to enable the Yale Expert programme to thrive and develop. This is an essential building block for the whole programme.

“Plus, by ‘saving the door’, the Doormaster™ range also creates opportunities for locksmiths to sell other replacement products, particularly PVCu door furniture, which will improve the appearance of the existing door, and cylinders which will increase security.

“Yale is committed to supporting its locksmiths customers. The new Yale Expert programme, together with the Yale Doormaster product solution, offers a complete package that will generate business and enable locksmiths to tap in to this massive growth market. And it is all underpinned by Yale, the world’s favourite lock company, a security brand consumers know and trust.”

Locksmiths can apply to the Yale Expert programme by contacting their local sales rep or visiting www.yale.co.uk/doormaster