Yale’s New Alarm Kits are as Easy as One, Two, Three


Security specialist Yale has launched two new alarm systems, which have been specially designed to be the easiest alarms to install and offer improved security features

An astonishing 60% of burglaries attempted on UK homes fitted with burglar alarms are unsuccessful; so it makes sense to upgrade or invest in an alarm system that best protects your home. Yale’s new ‘Easy Fit Alarm’ kits feature a cleverly devised ‘pre-linked’ system, where all components can be easily installed in three simple steps and are then ready to go!

The Yale Easy Fit Standard Alarm includes everything you need to secure a flat, terrace or semi-detached home, including a siren box, two PIRs, two door contacts and a keypad. The keypad operated system enables you to set or unset the alarm via an access code and each component included in the kit is pre-linked and easy to set up.

The Yale Easy Fit Premium Alarm has all the benefits of the Standard system, but also comes with a partial touch-screen control panel, for ease of use. The Premium system also offers ultimate peace of mind by ringing you when the alarm is triggered and can also be activated and deactivated using a touch-tone telephone.

Both alarm systems work on the 868MHz wireless frequency, which is more tightly controlled than many used by typical DIY alarms. This results in a clearer channel with less interference, resulting in a higher performance.

Each system also boasts enhanced jamming detection, which protects against deliberate wireless signal tampering from intruders. They also have extra-secure rolling code transmission, which scrambles the wireless signal to ensure no one can eavesdrop on the system.

All the components are wireless, so both systems can be installed easily, with minimal fuss and mess. For more information on the new Easy Fit Alarm kits from Yale, please visit www.yale.co.uk/digital or call Yale Digital on 01902 364606.