Yale's new digital door lock for timber doors


Do you sometimes wish you could leave your home secure without having to take keys with you? Yale’s new digital lock for timber doors allows you to do just that!

Yale was the first to introduce electronic door locks to the UK market, and now, the Yale Keyless Digital Lock is the UK’s first retrofit digital nightlatch for timber doors!

Digital door locks are the newest and most convenient way of securing your home and this modern and stylish new door lock can be quickly and easily fitted to the majority of timber doors with a nightlatch.

The Keyless Digital Lock allows you to access and secure your home using a 4 to 12 digit PIN code of your choice, which means you no longer have to worry about carrying or losing your keys. So, you can walk the dog, collect the kids from school or go for a run, and simply type in your PIN to enter your home!

You can even create a temporary code to give other people access to your home when you want to, and delete that code just as easily – without having to worry about collecting keys or changing locks. This function is ideal if you have relatives coming to stay or if you want your neighbours to check on your home while you’re on holiday.

For peace of mind, the lock also has a ‘fake’ PIN code system that allows you to enter any number of digits to distract onlookers. 

Available in a stylish contemporary polished chrome finish, the new lock is easy to use thanks to the illuminated touch screen keypad, which has no mechanical buttons – meaning no trace of your secret PIN!

Yale Keyless Digital Lock is operated by four AA batteries and requires no hardwiring or electrical support. It has been tested to open up to 10,000 times with just one set of batteries, and if they’re running low a warning light will illuminate reminding you to change them. Like all Yale products, the digital door lock has undergone rigorous security and weather testing, and all settings and codes will remain programmed in the lock, even in the event of the batteries depleting.

The new digital door lock is easy to install in under 30 minutes and you can have the choice of using your existing nightatch, or the new one that comes included in the pack.

The Yale Keyless Digital Lock starts from £119.99 (including VAT) and is available from your local DIY or hardware store. Call 01902 364647 for stockists or visit www.yaledigital.co.uk to buy online.