Abloy showcase at CTX 2015

Abloy UK is showcasing its PROTEC2 CLIQ system, range of compliant and secure electric locks, and LPS-rated padlocks at Counter Terror Expo (CTX) 2015. CTX is the largest international event to mitigate threats, protect against terrorist attacks and understand current modern day risks in a secure environment.

Taking place at London’s Olympia centre, Counter Terror Expo is a two-day event that starts on 21st April 2015, with delegates from around the world coming together to debate the issues and new technologies that affect defence against terrorism.

Visitors to Abloy’s stand B65 will be able to get an interactive demonstration of a number of electric locking solutions, and also get hands-on with the company’s collection of padlocks.

There will also be the opportunity to learn more about ABLOY PROTEC2 CLIQ, a web-based security management solution that allows for the remote management of disparate or large electronic master-keyed sites at any time, from anywhere in the world.

The PROTEC2 CLIQ system provides comprehensive audit trails on cylinders and padlocks and the ability to remove lost or stolen keys from the system, thereby providing tight key management at all times.

CTX is ideal for Abloy UK to showcase these products and to highlight their benefits, specifically in terms of securing sites that may be targets for terrorist activity, including those in the transport, financial and utilities sectors.

Motorised and solenoid electric locking solutions satisfy the needs of both fire doors and emergency and panic situations where a mechanical means of escape is required.

Motorised locks are also ideal for emergency exit access control as they do not feature a handle - which is the most vulnerable part of a door - making them a hands free solution that is ideal for locations where there may be a terror attack.

In addition to this, Abloy’s padlocks are rated to LPS 1654 Issue 1.0, the latest Loss Prevention Council Board (LPCB) standard for physical security. This is seen as the ultimate test for padlocks incorporating the most stringent physical attack tests, intentionally designed to meet the security needs of the UK Infrastructure.

Jon Burke, Marketing Manager for Abloy UK, said: “Transport links, financial institutions such as banks, and utilities sites are often targets for terrorists as they look to cause maximum disruption.  The first step in securing any multi-site estate is to ensure that access is limited only to those with authorisation.

“By using a combination of PROTEC2 CLIQ, compliant electric locking solutions, and padlocks, sites can be protected to the highest possible level of security in order to prevent terror attacks, and also effectively evacuate occupants should a threat arise.”

For further information on products and services available from Abloy UK, please call 01902 364 500, email marketing@abloy.co.uk, or visit the Abloy London Showroom at The Building Centre on Store Street, London.