ABLOY Revamps SMARTair Making it Smarter Than Ever


Abloy UK now offers its Smartair access control solution so it is stronger, more reliable and more robust than ever before.

Smartair is easy to use and install as it is intuitive, efficient and ideal for new or existing builds, it can be retrofitted to most existing lock cases and turn mechanical door solutions into an access-controlled solution. Smartair can also be incorporated into existing access control systems and is available in Standalone, Offline, Update on card, or Wireless, providing end users with a simple and intelligent way of upgrading the controllability and security level of their premises.

Wireless technology updates the whole of the system constantly, sending and receiving information from every door in the system, which increases security and control. Recent product development now also enables smart iClass card technology to work with the Smartair escutcheon, and offer enhanced security through encryption and mutual authentication.

Near Field Communication (NFC) capability is also available, so users with an NFC-enabled smartphone can simply swipe their device over the lock to gain access.

Jon Burke, Marketing Manager for Abloy UK, said: “Smartair technology provides a simple, intelligent way to upgrade the controllability and security level of buildings and facilities. iClass has been introduced and was specifically designed to make access control more powerful, more versatile, and more secure.

“The two combined offer a very secure proposition to the market, an all-in-one offline, online and wireless security solution which offers flexible access control that operates in real time with almost any access control system. It guarantees a highly secure system to provide end users, in a variety of market sectors, with the ultimate way to improve door safety, security and convenience.”

One of the great features of Smartair is its ability to adapt to any installation, regardless of its size and the resources available for both programming and maintenance, making it a flexible and versatile yet cost effective access control solution. On top of this, no mains supply is required as Smartair runs on battery power that lasts up to two years or for the average usage of 30,000 operations.

The Smartair system can accept up to 65,000 users and doors per installation, and it allows time and calendar privileges of users to be managed effectively. Users can be added and delete with ease, and if cards are lost they can be deleted simply by encoding a new card.

Smartair includes handle escutcheons, wall readers, lift control, panic hardware, locker locks, electronic cylinders, and monitored locks. All of these systems fit a large majority of existing solutions already in place, so are easy to install and are suitable for all door types such as wooden, metal and glass doors.

For more information on Smartair and other Abloy products contact marketing@abloy.co.uk or visit www.abloy.co.uk