Addressing the needs of buildings in increasingly corrosive conditions, the quality paint surface on ASSA ABLOY Security Doors’ steel high performance security doorsets not only addresses aesthetics, but performance and durability too.

Conforming to both British and European standards, ASSA ABLOY Security Door’s steel security doors are manufactured in Galvannealed steel – a hot-dipped galvanized steel, originally developed for the automotive industry. This base material provides a robust, smooth surface for paint application as well as improved corrosion resistance. 

Suitable across a wide range of applications, the high-performance steel security doors can even stand up to more specialised project locations, such as coastal buildings (when finished with the special marine-grade coating), or projects requiring food-safe surfaces. 

Aside from the more specialised competences, the finish to ASSA ABLOY Security Doors’ high performance doorsets offers increased scratch, impact and graffiti resistance, plus improved colour retention and corrosion resistance, making it suitable for a high-traffic or high-risk project, such as social housing. 

Nigel Cronin, Sales Manager for ASSA ABLOY Security Doors, said: “More than ever, building products are having to stand up against tougher conditions and prove their longevity, thanks to a higher degree of focus on budgets and whole life costing.

“While it is paramount that the doorsets can offer the necessary degree of corrosion resistance, building design, too, is of high importance. In-line with the aesthetic demands of modern building design, ASSA ABLOY Security Doors’ doorsets can be finished in either standard or bespoke colours – including metallic finishes –­ via a high-specification powder polyester coating. 

“Finished in-house with the high-specification polyester powder coating, the resulting surface is consistently thick and smooth thanks to a fully automated spray booth, offering a superior finish. ASSA ABLOY Security Doors not only offers a great finish, but high durability too; just about the number one requirement on most projects today.”