Making The Grade: ABLOY SMARTair Installation at Loreto College


Security expert Abloy UK has supplied Loreto Sixth Form College in Manchester with 45 L1S Smartair wireless systems as part of a wider access and security solution.

Loreto Sixth Form College in Manchester provides education to young people in the 16-18-age range. The college was upgrading its security provision, and required a cost effective online access control system that could be retro-fitted to existing mechanical lock cases.

The installation was carried out by HE Simms Integrated Systems Ltd, who recommended Smartair for the installation as it offered a robust solution with all the control elements on the secure site, and the ability to offer real-time audit trails.

Smartair is an electronic handle set or escutcheon that provides complete standalone single door control operating as an electronic master key system. The system’s special design and technology features important benefits when compared with mechanical key and cylinders, or with a wired online access control system.

With Smartair there are no extra costs such as those that would be incurred when installing a wired online system, as all four components - power supply, controller, radio-frequency identification (RFID) reader, and locking unit - are combined in the handle set.

When the L1S Smartair wireless system is locked from inside with a thumb turn, the electronic privacy is activated. Only user access cards that are authorised will open the door, and red and green LEDs will light up simultaneously to indicate that somebody is inside.

In total, the installation at Loreto Sixth Form College comprised 45 L1S Smartair wireless handle sets. Alongside this, 12 wireless wall readers were also fitted to control doors with an electric lock, strike, magnet or automatic function. Three control lift wall readers were added as well to manage lift control using Smartair.

Paul Keenan of HE Simms Integrated Systems Ltd, said: “The Smartair wireless system was chosen for the installation at Loreto college due to its functionality, and ability to offer real-time audit trails. This allows users to keep the installation under control, knowing who entered, where and when.

“Remote blocking also allows users to delete any lost or stolen credentials, and the remote door opening offered by the system instantly unlocks the door needed to be opened with a simple click on the software.”

“Abloy UK has the capability to offer you a complete security solution. It also offers a Smartair training course at its academy that covers all aspects of the Smartair product.”

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