The Key To Security: ABLOY Castle Quay Installation


Security expert Abloy UK has supplied Castle Quay in Jersey with Abloy EL560 solenoid locks and handles to provide security and controlled access solution.

Castle Quay is a luxury harbour-side development that contains apartments and civic and commercial spaces designed by world-acclaimed architect, Eric Kuhne. The installation – which was carried out by ironmongery supplier and installer Romerils - required security and controlled access to and from the lobby entrances that lead to the lift and apartment floors.

These doors had to look as if they were normal handle operated doors, with nothing more than lever handles in view. The cabling was routed around the edge of the door and through a mortice door loop into the frame, so whatever side of the door you approached you were greeted with a lever handle to open.

Because of this, the Abloy EL560 handle controlled lock case for solid doors was selected for the installation, as it features handles on both sides of the door. The outside handle is electrically controlled (by reader or push button), and the inside handle opens the solenoid lock.

The Abloy EL560 electric lock features an easily reversible trigger bolt, a quick-change fail locked to fail unlocked, and boasts a deadbolt and anti-friction bolt deadlock when the door closes. It has also been tested to standard EN12209 for mechanical resistance.

EL560 Solenoid Lock Cases allow for complete controlled areas with free egress where required, these are the best units should you require security and user friendly access control, many systems will give you one or the other but not many manufacturer can combine the two as Abloy Electric Locks can.

Des Brady, Sales Manager of Romerils, said: “We chose Abloy because the electric lock range had all of the require needs to control these particular high traffic doors and the way the customer had envisaged them to work.

“Our conditions also play a big part in our selection of locks and fitting, with this project being on the water front they was no other chose to make as Abloy is the only manufacturer to boast the AWS (Anti-Ware System)

“Suitable for use in all kinds of access control systems, Abloy electric locks ensure freedom of access as well as maintaining the security of each door whilst meeting the requirements of EN179 and EN1125. They are ideal for use in high-security areas and are designed to work in conjunction with access, door automation and hands-free systems.”

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