The Key to Security: Launches Master Key System Design Guide


Abloy UK has launched a master key system design guide that offers advice and guidance to both dealers and end users. The guide is full of useful information about the different Abloy key security levels, and the services it provides for those with large key system or key management requirements across one or multiple sites.

Key control is extremely important and shouldn’t be underestimated. Abloy’s master key system is the simplest solution to sometimes complex requirements of access solutions. The system is based around a master key that can operate all of the locks in a building or buildings, alongside the required amount of keys to access individual locks.

When it comes to installing a master key system, the service that Abloy offers ranges from a full visit to conduct a survey of the site’s requirements, to designing the system from conversations over the phone and on email. For customers this whole process can seem daunting, but Abloy can tailor the package to fit the customer’s needs making it a simple and stress-free procedure.

The end result means the customer will have a schematic outlining how their system will be designed, and this document – which features a flowchart-like design - will determine which keys will have access to where.

Abloy UK is responsible for creating the coding for all master key systems within its range, and each master key has a unique profile that is made up from one of 1.97 billion differs. There are three different levels of security available depending on the degree of key control required.

Level 1 features keys that are not stamped with identifying system numbers, with additional keys available from Abloy centres when a key registration card is presented.

With Level 2, Abloy centres cannot cut another centre's keys, and only the Abloy centre that originally supplied the locks and keys can make replacements. Keys are stamped with an identifying system number, and additional keys can be supplied when a key registration card or signed orders by previously submitted authorised signatories are presented.

Alternatively, Level 3 is the highest level of security, and each key has a unique shape with replacements only available from Abloy UK at Willenhall. Keys are stamped with a unique system number and key reference, and orders for additional keys on this level must be on a signed written order.

David Jones, Master Key Advisor at Abloy UK, said: “Our master key system design guide contains a wealth of information that is incredibly useful for dealers and their customers alike.

“By offering this thorough master key system service, Abloy is the first choice when it comes to security and access solutions for all properties, no matter what the requirements.”

What stands Abloy’s master key system design service apart from its rivals is the make-up of the Abloy lock itself. It’s virtually pickproof so customers can rest assured that their site is not only as secure as it can be, but they also have an extremely efficient master key system in place.

For more information on Abloy’s master key system and other products contact: To download the Master Key guide, visit and go to “Mechanisms”.