Abloy CLIQ Flying High At Gatwick

Security expert Abloy UK has supplied Gatwick Airport in London with a CLIQ web-based security management system, in order to provide enhanced security and efficiency with key control at approximately 150 points across the site.


Approximately 400 keys and 150 locks were installed, in addition to 10 wall-mounted remote programming devices and four desktop programming devices. The initial IT system implementation took just two days, with Gatwick subsequently coordinating the installation of the locks and keys.

The CLIQ system at Gatwick offers a high level of access security, and offers significant time savings of to an hour when compared to previous mechanical systems because it eliminates the need to travel from ‘airside’ to ‘landside’ to pick up keys. Another advantage is the traceability provided by CLIQ, as there is an audit trail that can be followed for gates, to monitor and confirm contractor usage.

Mark Billyard, Engineering Manager at London Gatwick said: “ABLOY CLIQ helps us to efficiently provide temporary access to facility areas, reducing the risk of lost keys as well as eliminating wasted contractor time on site. It is vital for Gatwick Airport staff to know who has access to doors across the site. The CLIQ system allows for the monitoring of who uses these keys and when, leaving essential audit trails from locks and keys.”

Gatwick is the UK’s second largest airport and the most efficient single-runway airport in the world, serving around 200 destinations (more than any other UK airport) in 90 countries for 34 million passengers a year. The airport employs around 23,000 on-site staff and a further 13,000 staff through related activities.

ABLOY CLIQ enables the commissioning, programming and full administration of security management centrally via web-based software. The remote programmable key can be set to a weekly schedule containing up to 50 time periods that are lock specific where necessary and even require daily validation. The keys can even collect up to 1800 of the most recent pieces of audit information. The wall-mounted remote programming devices utilise existing ethernet connection to send and receive key changes and are loaded with a secure certificate and hard coded into the locking system, and email notifications can be sent via a linked mail server. For full details of all the security solutions available from Abloy UK, visit www.abloy.co.uk.