This year marks the 50th anniversary of Abloy in the UK. It formed in West Hampstead, England in 1964 before relocating to Watford, and then, most recently in 2011 to Willenhall, West Midlands.

Abloy UK has been through many changes and developments as a company over the past 50 years- including appointment of the Regional Sales team, the introduction of the Dealer Network, and the unveiling of the Abloy Academy; all of which are significant aspects of the organisation today.

Some of our employees have been with the business for several decades, with our longest-standing employee Steve Walsh, Sales Office Manager, due to reach his 30th Anniversary with the business this year. Our second longest-standing employee Barry Jenkins, General Sales Manager of Market Development, is in his 24th year at Abloy UK, and Commercial Director Pat Jefferies will reach his 20th Anniversary in October this year.

One main way in which Abloy UK has changed over the past 50 years, as noted by Steve Walsh, is that the organisation has ‘increased in size’ and the ‘product range has expanded, which brings about its own challenges.’ In regards to the challenges that Abloy UK has faced, Steve Walsh reflects that there have ‘been many…including two office moves, from West Hampstead to Watford and more recently to Willenhall’. Another key challenge that Abloy UK faced, many decades ago, as reflected on by Steve Walsh, was the ‘introduction of electric locks’, this was seen as a challenge due to the fact that ‘it was a new venture for Abloy, which ‘traditionally sold mechanical locks.’

However, despite the inevitable changes and evolution that Abloy UK has experienced as a company, Steve notes that ‘the expertise of Abloy staff remains at a high level.’ Pat Jefferies also notes that although Abloy UK has changed ‘dramatically’- he is pleased to state that ‘the quality of the product and the first class support from the factory in Finland’ have remained constant, and Abloy UK remain ‘always at the forefront of market developments both in the mechanical locking and electric locking sectors’.

Referring to the introduction of The Abloy Academy, Pat Jefferies, the main trainer states- ‘Whilst we had always provided training for our customers, we needed to take that message further and educate the influencers and end users. The timing was right, mainly due to the fact that the new European standards were beginning to impact on the market place. This was in reality our time, and the driver for the creation of the Abloy Academy.’

After 50 years in the UK, ‘Abloy is synonymous with security and quality’ and the one aspect that has remained and will continue in the future, is the guaranteed reliability and security of our keys and cylinders.

For more information on Abloy contact marketing@abloy.co.uk or visit www.abloy.co.uk.