Fire Station Security


Security expert Abloy UK has supplied Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service with 25 Abloy EL560 and EL460 solenoid locks and handles with Abloy Protec cylinder overrides, in order to offer a compliant electronic locking solution for doors at its brand new Middlemoor fire station in Exeter.

Guardian Security, based in Exeter, was brought in to establish the best solution to fit the requirement. Specialists in access control and fire service, Guardian Security selected Abloy products for the 25 systems on all of the external doors as well as the internal communal doors.

Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service is the largest non-metropolitan fire and rescue service in the UK, servicing the counties of Devon and Somerset. It has 85 fire stations - the second largest number in England - and 2,300 committed and dedicated staff.

Guardian Security has undertaken installations in around 50 of Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue’s stations, the biggest of these being the new Middlemoor site and also Howell Road Fire station.

Abloy EL560 and EL460 locks are recommended for use in the doors of public buildings because they can withstand the heavy usage that comes from many people using the door for access daily, making them ideal for an installation such as this.

Only the outside handle is electrically controlled, and the lock can always be opened by inside handle for easy egress. Mechanical opening by cylinder is always possible too, and the EL560 and EL460 locks are also compliant with EN179 and EN1125 standards. In addition to the Abloy locks, the Protec two-way mechanism complements the system as it is virtually pickproof and offers smooth key entry and operation.

Sean Monger of Guardian Security, said: “We specified Abloy locks for the installation at the new Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service fire station as they are the best and most suitable lock for the application, offering security as well as an escape function.” For full details of all the security solutions available from Abloy UK, visit