Over a Century of Cylinder Excellence

Security expert Abloy UK has unveiled a new brochure, which features a wealth of information about the company’s range and century-long history in creating market-leading cylinders.

Ever since the invention of the unique Abloy cylinder mechanism – known then as a disc tumbler lock – in 1907 by Emil Henriksson, Abloy has been manufacturing products with the highest level of quality and security. The Abloy mechanism is based on the use of rotating discs instead of traditional springs and pins, which makes it bumproof and nearly impossible to pick.

The evolution of Abloy’s cylinders can be traced all the way back to products such as the Abloy Classic that was conceived in 1920. Subsequent models included the Abloy Profile system in the sixties and Disklock system in the eighties. More recently, highly successful systems have included Abloy Protec CLIQ, Sentry, Novel and Protec2.

The benefits of Abloy cylinders include reliability, as they can withstand extreme conditions on both land and sea in the hottest and coldest climates, with low maintenance costs due to their dependable functions. They also feature a durable design, and a high level of protection against manipulation.

Cylinders are tailor-made to suit the needs of the customer, so although the core remains the same for each device, the application is designed to meet the individual specification. Abloy has supplied cylinders for use in numerous applications from door environments to industrial applications and equipment.

Abloy aids customers to decide on the best system for their requirements based on the sector the system is for and the level of security required. Security levels range from medium, to high, to superior, for a range of sectors such as personal, commercial and industry.

All locking systems can also be keyed in one master key system, meaning all locks can be operated with a single key. Abloy offers practical planning of master key systems, with the ability to incorporate multiple levels and unique access rights for different user groups, no matter if the requirements are small or extensive.

Jon Burke, Marketing Manager for Abloy UK, said: “Abloy is committed to providing a reliable service together with the highest quality products for all applications. We continuously test and evolve our products to ensure they not only meet but go beyond the requirements of our customers.”

For more information on Abloy contact marketing@abloy.co.uk or visit www.abloy.co.uk to download the new cylinders brochure.